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Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Black, Retail Box, 6 Month Warranty

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Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller - Black, Retail Box, 6 Month Warranty

Product Overview:
The DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller defines the new generation of play, combining revolutionary features with an intuitive design and precise controls.

The new models feature a stylish matt finish, show your light bar from above and allow you to control your PS4™ via USB cable as well as through Bluetooth®.

You can also use your controller with compatible applications on Windows®PC/Mac – connect via USB cable or with Bluetooth® using the DUALSHOCK®4 USB wireless adaptor*.

Ergonomic Design

Get to grips with an elegant, super comfortable design, while highly responsive analog sticks and buttons mean greater precision during gameplay.

SHARE Button
Use the SHARE button to upload your gameplay videos and pictures on social networks. Stream live gameplay to Twitch, YouTube and Dailymotion or edit your recorded gameplay videos and share them on Facebook and Twitter.
You can also invite online friends to play your games with you, even if they don’t own them with Share Play.

Touch Pad
Guide, gesture and draw with the responsive touch pad - now restyled so you can see your light bar colour from above as you play.

Light Bar
The integrated light bar provides gamers with visual information at a glance, such as which character they control or health status, for more intuitive gameplay. It also helps the PlayStation®Camera track your controller position - allowing you to interact with your virtual surroundings while using PlayStation®VR.

Built-in Speaker and Stereo Headset Jack
Enjoy extra sound effects - straight from the controller - and chat with online friends via a headset, such as thestereo headset included with the PS4™ system.

Vibration Feedback
Feel even more deeply engaged with the action as the controller shudders and shakes in your hands, thanks to intuitive vibration motors.

Remote Play
Stream your PS4™ games to a Windows®PC or Mac so you can keep on playing even when you’re away from the TV. The DUALSHOCK®4 USB wireless adaptor makes Remote Play on your computer even better, allowing you to play wirelessly.

Customised Control
Prepare your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller just the way you like it - set the speaker volume, disable vibrations and adjust the light bar brightness. You can also choose to control your PS4™ via wired USB connection as well as through Bluetooth®.

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Sony PDV-124N DV Cam Cassette, Retail Box , No Warranty

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Sony PDV-124N DV Cam Cassette, Retail Box , No Warranty.

• Sony PDV124N is the most compact professional digital video recording media.
• High dimensional precision for compatibility by reducing dvcam tape-shrinkage over time to about 1/2 that of consumer DV tape.
• DVCAM tape has a 50% lower dropout rate vs DV resulting in a four- to five-fold improvement in the error rate margin, which yields a better picture.
• New protective locking album case specifically designed for DVCAM tape. 

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Sony Cleopatra BKB10 Ultra Slim Bluetooth and NFC Wireless Keyboard – QWERTY Keyboard Layout , Built-in Rechargeable Battery , Bluetooth 3.0 interface , 5 mm thin , 17.5mm Key pitch , Weighs in at 200 grams , Micro USB Charging-Black, Brown Box , 1 year Limited warranty

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Sony Cleopatra BKB10 Ultra Slim Bluetooth and NFC Wireless Keyboard – QWERTY Keyboard Layout, Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth 3.0 interface, 5 mm thin, 17.5mm Key pitch, Weighs in at 200 grams, Micro USB Charging-Black, Brown Box, 1-year Limited warranty
Product Overview
The Sony Cleopatra branded BKB10 Ultra Slim Bluetooth and NFC Wireless Keyboard for Your Smartphone Or Tablet are clearly geared towards portability. It's comfortably smaller in width and depth than a sheet of A4 paper, it's just 5 mm thin (the actual dimensions are 260 x 135 x 5 mm), and it weighs in at 200 grams. This can easily be accommodated in a flight bag or briefcase, and it would probably slip into many handbag designs with ease.
Sony has managed to find a good compromise between designing a keyboard that allows you to type 1000 word blog posts without feeling too tired, and to provide a keyboard that is small and light enough that you will be happy carrying it with you so you have it when you need it.
Charging through a micro USB cable means your phone charger can pull double duty when traveling. Sony rates the keyboard life as 'up to three months', although that will be dependent on how long you use it for each day.
There is a very small power switch, and a blue LED to show the connectivity and power status of the keyboard. Rubber pads are provided on the base of the keyboard to prevent it slipping on a flat surface, and small rubber pads are also on the top of the keyboard so if it is turned upside down, none of the main keys would be accidentally pressed.
Sony has not restricted the keyboard to pairing with just Sony devices, so the keyboard will happily work with a wide range of smartphones, tablets, and even desk-bound computers (Bluetooth dongle is required not included).
This isn't the keyboard to replace the keyboard in your office, but if you are looking for a solution that works well while you are on the move, then the BKB10 should be on your list for consideration. It's large enough you can use all your fingers, but small enough to be easily transported and not left at home.
•Ultra Slim Bluetooth 3.0 and One-touch NFC Wireless Keyboard
•Built-in Rechargeable Battery
•5 mm thin with 17.5mm Key pitch
•Optimized for Android. Functionality may vary between devices.
•Battery performance Up to 3 months on single charge
•Micro USB (charging – via wall socket only)
•Weighs in at 200 grams
•Compatible with any device with support for Bluetooth® profile Human Interface Device Profile (HID)

"Bluetooth Keyboard NFC and Bluetooth Connectivity Light weight, Small size Write Easily at your favourite café, at home or in the office, this tablet and smartphone keyboard is the perfect wireless accessory!"

Please note : This keyboard is packaged in a Brown Box – Not retail packaging and Cleopatra branding

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