Nova Neptune 3000VA 1800 Watts Line Interactive UPS- Simulated Sine Wave UPS System, Smart RS-232 & USB Communication Ports, Buck and Boost Automatic Voltage Regulation, Discharge, Overcharge And Overload Protection, Recharge time to 90% 4-6 hours; Battery Type 12V/9AH Number Of Batteries 4pcs, Retail Box , 6 month Warranty

Product Overview:
The Nova Neptune 3000VA 1800 Watts Line Interactive UPS is part of the Tescom series, offering, a cost-effective emergency power solution for home, SME and the corporate environments. Offering automatic voltage regulation, overcharge & overload protection and adequate time to save and systematically power off sensitive computer and electronic equipment. The “plug and play” units are suited to support PC’s, routers, laptops, switches, alarm systems, electronic gas igniters and emergency lighting (LED) The range offers Smart RS-232 & USB Interfaces and supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Novell and Linux.
• Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
• Equipped with buck and boost (Automatic Voltage Regulation) AVR to stabilise input voltage
• Built-in DC start function enables UPS to be started up without AC power
• Smart RS-232 & USB communication ports with free software and cable
• Auto charge even though UPS is off
• Auto restart when AC returns
• Basic Modem/phone line surge protection
• Discharge, overcharge and overload protection
• Simulated sine wave
• 10-15 minutes load dependant
• Stock Code: NEP3000
• Description: Neptune 3000VA / 1800 Watts UPS
• Nova Neptune 3000VA 1800 Watts Line Interactive UPS
• Simulated Sine Wave UPS System
• Recharge time to 90% 4-6 hours
• Battery Type & Number 12V/9AH x 4pcs
• Retail Box
• 6 month Warranty
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